JaSaun Buckner
Producer, media consultant, strategist and hip hop nerd, JaSaun Buckner has built brands around youth, women, music and celebrity culture.

Visionary Media is JaSaun's consulting business that services independent producers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. JaSaun has more than ten years of experience and flexes her ability to conceptualize, develop and execute all production aspects through the use of visuals, scripting, music, and creative collaboration to deliver high impact programming on all content platforms.

A theme of JaSaun’s studies and work experience has been content that addresses social issues through entertainment.

In addition content about, and produced by women and youth are a priority for JaSaun. This intersection of prowess and passion can been seen in the PSA’s JaSaun co-produced and directed, her work on the Teen Nick series Degrassi: The Next Generation and most recently, The Black Girls Rock Award Show on BET, and "Millennials Talk: How We Work".
Dana Kirchman
Dana Kirchman is an executive coach, consultant and partner of Blue Star Partners. Dana became interested in researching millennials through her work on diversity and inclusion. She noticed in working with companies that generational differences affect what a “best place to work” looks like, and that developing a truly inclusive approach means getting past our assumptions about how millennials may behave at work. Dana’s collaboration with JaSaun Buckner has focused on hearing the millennial voice first hand – hearing what young professionals value and how they make decisions. Dana is also exploring the millennial voice through quantitative research on how organizations can adapt to better foster innovation.

Dana’s coaching practice focuses on Fortune-500 and professional service firms, where she works with individuals and leads workshops to develop top talent.

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